Contractor Lead generation

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Contractor Lead generation

General contractors rely on quality lead generation to make revenue and sell their services. However, generating quality leads is not a walk in the park, more so when there is competition in your service area. If your lead generation marketing isn’t strong, you will end up losing lots of quality sales leads to your competitors. That’s where a contractor lead generation company comes in. At Magpie Marketing, we’re a top-rated lead generation company that develops multifaceted marketing campaigns to attract quality sales leads for contractors. We deliver targeted, local, new client leads directly to you.

How to Choose A Contractor Lead Generation Company

Enlisting the services of a good lead generation company means efficiency and convenience when it comes to your business strategies. Contractors looking to expand their target market or find new prospects can benefit from expert lead generators—they can provide a pre-sorted, cross-referenced list of potential leads who might be interested in your services. If you want local, exclusive, and targeted new customer leads to effectively grow your business, it’s essential to hire the right company with proven lead generation professionals. Below are factors to consider when searching for a lead generation firm.

  • Contracts

Does the lead generation company you are considering hiring require you to enter into a contract? If so, will there be any penalties if you break it? It’s crucial to do your research and understand the terms of the contract, including undisclosed cancellation fees and monthly costs. Otherwise, you may end up getting stuck in an unfavorable, frustrating, not to mention, long-term contract.

  • Price

It's important to compare various companies evaluating the cost of their services and how the different services are priced. Find out if you'll be paying for each lead generated or deposit a fixed monthly fee. Is your budget able to accommodate the charges, and do you feel it's worth paying what the company is charging? The answers to these questions will enable you to find a cost-effective solution.

  • Competition

It’s not unusual to find a lead generating company selling prospect information to various contractors in the same local area. It goes without saying then that it would be in your best interest to hire a company that provides exclusive leads than enlisting the services of one that does not limit its sales. For a premium price, some firms will sell contractor leads to you alone, giving you the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

The best part about us is, the exclusive leads we deliver are only yours, generated specifically for you. That means we won’t distribute your leads to different contractors in your service area, creating a system that wastes time and reduces your margins. Instead, we let you build lasting relationships with new potential leads in your local area, looking for the services you provide.

Real Results

When it comes to contractor lead generation, the kind of leads we deliver will depend on your expectations. We will begin with a conversation to understand your business, your target market, and what the ideal leads would be to you. After we know your needs, we will immediately get down to work to exceed your expectations. To get started, simply request your demo today.

Contractor Lead generation
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