Custom Prize Wheels

A prize wheel is a round tool you can spin to determine if you win or lose a prize. Prize wheels are mainly used at parties and carnivals and sometimes during competitions. Participants are encouraged to spin the wheel for prizes.

Custom prize wheels are prize wheels that are built according to your specifications. Custom prize wheels allow you to design your spinning game prize wheel by working with our experienced graphic designers to choose desirable colors. The price and other details may vary based on size and color, and this is why you may decide to acquire a custom-made prize wheel to satisfy your desire.

Do you desire to have one of the best custom-made prize wheels? Or you have longed to run a promotion for people to try their lucks by spinning a wheel? You have three options to pick from, which are;

  • The Custom Insert Your Own Graphics prize wheel allows you to select your desired sections and insert paper prizes.
  • The Custom Removable Magnetic Graphics prize wheel has many magnetic sections designed to suit your desire.
  • And the Custom Permanent Graphics prize wheel is cheaper and allows you to design the prize wheel to your satisfaction to the design’s exclusion.


  • Upload your logo

Consult with a foremost graphics designer and explain what you desire to see in your logo, and once the professional is done with the logo design, upload it to our website. Our dedicated staffs, who are saddled with the responsibility of engaging with our customers online, are always available to treat your requests with the urgency they require.

  • Share your ideas

We are on hand to entertain your ideas to make them come to fruition. Our experts’ teams were trained to make your custom prize wheel come out perfect, just like the prize wheels you buy online.

  • Review proof

At this stage, you are shown a sample of your custom prize wheel to review and to make further corrections if necessary.

  • Approve your custom design

Upon implementing your corrections on your custom-prize wheel, we communicate the completion of your prize wheel to you online, and you can either come to pick it up in our office or deliver it to your residence.

  • Begin your promotion

Our custom-prize wheels for sale are unique, durable, built to your specification and satisfaction, which you will enjoy when you purchase them. You can begin running promotions when the prize wheel, a product of your imagination and our implementation, is delivered to you.

Spinning Designs is the best custom-made prize wheel depot, where you can snap up different customized prize wheels and accessories with the assurance of durability, versatility, and design made just for you. The entire process is pocket-friendly and offers you an opportunity to design a prize wheel just as you have always wanted. With us, you are sure to be granted your preferences.

If you need to buy prize wheels online, you can shop online with Spinning Designs or contact us.

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Custom Prize Wheels

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